Q1. What is the Fundamentals of Abacus?

Ans. The fundamental of abacus is based on the usage of hands, if one uses its right hand his left brain gets activated and if left hand is used the right brain gets activated. Abacus ensures usage of both hands to activate left and right brain.

Q2. What is Abacus and why it is important for my child?

Ans. Abacus is a calculating and counting devise invented around 2000 years ago calculating and counting numbers including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Abacus enables to develop overall development of the child.

Q3. Will my child becomes a mathematician?

Ans. WONDER EDUCATION Abacus training program is to ensure brain development of your child particularly right brain which is creative brain mathematics is a side effect of abacus program and your child will also learn mathematical calculations.

Q4. What is the difference between WONDER Abacus and other companies?

Ans. WONDER Abacus has an edge in the following areas
a)         Aliened with school curriculum.
b)         Adopting play and learn method in every class.
c)         Exclusive course material based on practical activity.
d)         Exclusive games on website and CD for ever child.

Q5. Why don’t you conduct classes, everyday other than weekly?

Ans. Abacus requires regular practice and the child needs at least 6 days time for the same before next class.

Q6. One of my neighbor’s son found abacus very boring and he had to quit after third level?

Ans. Yes we agree that the child will find abacus very boring if the interest in the child is not created by the trainers, but with WONDER Abacus we adopt a play and learn method looking at the psychology of children who would love to play.

Q7. Do you conduct state level and national level competitions?

Ans. Yes WONDER EDUCATION conducts all competitions like State Level and National level.

Q8. When a person beyond 14 years cannot learn abacus, how can a trainer teach the students?

Ans. A trainer goes through extensive training and preparation at WONDER EDUCATION Abacus H.O., before he/she can actually conduct the classes. The child will have an edge in mental calculation even over his Trainer. 

Q9. Will my child come first in class after doing Abacus?

Ans. Once your child has completed all the levels of WONDER Abacus, he/she will have developed their competitive edge in the following areas such as concentration, visualization ect which will make him stand out in the crowd.

Q10. How will it help in developing concentration, visualizing, photographic memory and self-confidence?

Ans. Once the child undergoes WONDER Abacus training he is asked to answer mentally.
Let us look at the steps the child follows.
1)    The child listens to the question carefully (i.e he Concentrates)
2)     Visualizes all the  roads in abacus with beads (i.e. Visualization)
3)    The child answers the question based on  the position of the beads (i.e Photographic Memory)
4)    Once the child starts raising hands to answer questions in the maths class which reflects on his self confidence. Hence he improves his self confidence.      

Q11. The fee of abacus is very high considering the duration of 2 years. I cannot afford the same for my child?

Ans. The cost of brain development of child cannot be measured; moreover it is a life time asset for your child, considering the advantages of the above the fee of abacus is negligible.

Q12. How do you maintain the quality of trainers?

Ans. We ensure quality training to the trainers and we assess the same based on the score of minimum cutoff at 85% and we certify only those trainers who scores the minimum cutoff moreover continuous refresher trainings and exams are conducted for these trainers.

Q13. Will my child get personal attention?

Ans. A Batch of WONDER EDUCATION Abacus class cannot exceed 18-20 students as per the norms; hence you can be assured of personal attention of your child.  

Q14. What is the syllabus that you teach in abacus?

Ans. The syllabus of WONDER EDUCATION Abacus training program consists of addition, subtractions, multiplication, division, decimals addition, subtractions; negative no, daily games logical and reasoning.

Q15. How will I help my child, since I do not know anything about abacus?

Ans. Wonder education Abacus training program has designed books which contains the basic knowledge about the use and methodology, a parent hand book is given for you convenience and apart from this you can always contact the Trainer for any of your quarry.

Q16. How do you ensure the quality of teaching for my child?

Ans. We ensure quality teaching of your child through exams conducted every month and feed back to the parents more over the games given to the child in the speed building software ensures regular practice to improve on his speed, accuracy and digit per minute calculations.

Q17. Will my child be able to retain everything taught to him during his entire life?

Ans. Abacus is a tool which requires practical training like swimming and cycling etc. Which is a life time asset similar is the case with WONDER EDUCATION abacus training program.

Q18. If it is so useful, why schools do not induct it as a part of curriculum?

Ans. Abacus cannot become a part of school curriculum due to certain limitations.
1)    Study Burden on children
2)    Long course duration
3)    Strength of student in class
4)    Availability of certified trainers.
5)    General affordability    

 Q19. What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese abacus?

Ans. Chinese Suanpan abacus had 2 base 5 beads i.e. 2 beads on top and 5 beads down. This devise when came to Japan was studied by Japanese mathematician Seki Kowa where he made some fine refinements and removed one upper and one lower bead, transforming the Chinese Abacus into Japanese Abacus. But even after transformation the technique and use of abacus was not changed retaining it Ancient Technique of methodology.

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