FEES STRUCTURE      

Fee is charged level wise, and is the same for all levels. It varies according to the location of the Franchise Centre and its grade:-

Sr. No. City Fee Each Level (3 months)
1. Metros Rs. 2,100 /- to 3,600/-*
2. Mini Metros Rs. 1,200 /-*
3. Towns Rs. 900 /-*
4. Tehsils & Blocks Rs. 600 /-*


Sr. No. Grade of Centre Fee Each Level (3 months)
1. A++ Rs. 3,600 /-
2. A+ Rs. 2,700 /-*
3. A Rs. 1,800 /-*

Centre of any grade can be located any where. If the Centre has no specified grade, fee charged shal in accordance to the first table. For graded Centres, the second table shall be valid, irrespective of the location.

The Level Fee is to be paid strictly in advance, before the classes of any particular level begin & it is payable every three months. In addition to the level fee the student is charged Rs. 700/- as Registration Fee at the time he / she seeks admission. This fee is to be paid only once, and it includes the charges of Educational Kit & books of all the levels. However the books of any particular level are given only before that level begins.

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